Bent Necks

Feature Film — True Story, Sports Biopic, Family Drama

The true story behind the two brothers who founded Adidas and Puma, and their journey to change the world of sports. But a pivotal decision at the 1936 Berlin Olympics—the Nazi Olympics—jeopardizes not only their relationship but also the chance to become legends.

Bent Necks — telling the tumultuous beginnings of culture-changing siblings who founded Adidas and Puma — won The Film Empire’s Diversity Mentorship for Screenwriters (2020), was a semifinalist in the ScreenCraft True Story Competition (2020), and placed top 15% for The Academy Nicholl Fellowship (2020).

Stephanie & Burt 

30-Min TV Pilot — Fun, Inclusive, College Dramedy

Two bickering students run the school newspaper at a Catholic university while tackling relationship issues and demanding weekly assignments. Oh, and they are secretly Stephanie & Burt, the notorious duo behind an anonymous advice column giving curious college students real-life advice about sex, drugs, and so much more, ignoring the institution’s dogmas and shattering student's hearts along the way.

The Undoing Well 

18-Issue Comic Book Series — Fantasy, Magical, Dark

A boy surrounded by strange magic discovers The Undoing Well — with the right price, the relic sends him back in time so the boy can undo the events that led to his family member’s deaths. But as an evil force gains power with each adventure in time, the boy starts to uncover his legacy as the protector of light.

The Undoing Well explores grief and loss by asking how much someone is willing to sacrifice to change the events that killed a loved one. But can the events be undone? Is he hurting more than he is helping?

About Nahuel F.A.

This is Me! Photo by Marisol Pesquera

I am an Argentinian screenwriter and comic book writer based in NYC. I write about family — the ones we are given, the ones we are stuck with, and the ones we choose. I began my screenwriting studies at Providence College and continue working on my craft through the Protrack mentoring program at the Jacob Krueger Studio.